Sourcing Coaches

One of the real strengths of coaching is the huge variation of styles and approaches available. This does cause problems, though, as most buyers are not fully aware of the full range available or how to access and select the right coach.


Acuity Coaching has a network of 1,500 coaches, assessment and facilitation professionals globally, and is able to sift and select from this pool the ideal match for your specific requirements. Our process is designed to capture your needs and deliver a choice of profiles for you to choose from. We then ensure that the engagement is set up and delivered to maximise results.

Our Process

  • Establish key objectives and preferences
  • Evaluate previous experience of coaching to input to decision making process
  • Summary of objectives returned to client by email for agreement
  • Client provided shortlist of three coaches within three working days
  • Client offered chemistry check meeting/telephone call
  • Document and agree objectives for coaching
  • Involvement of Sponsor (Line Manager or HR) to provide organisational context
  • Coaching can take place on or off-site dependent on your preferences
  • Our coaches work with a range of tools and techniques and will have been selected to work in a style that will bring results
  • All coaches sign up to a code of ethics that specifies ultimate confidentiality
  • After each engagement, we will review our performance against objectives with sponsors and coaches
  • We request feedback in the form of an email survey
  • All data is utilised to develop our service and peformance manage our coaches