Acuity Coaching F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions about our services, from coaching solutions and facilitation to a complete suite of managed services.

How do you find your coaches?

We use techniques developed in Executive Search to identify coaches, who are then put through a selection process that is designed to evaluate coaches against the specification agreed with our client.

How do you charge for coaching?

We don’t have a rate card – clients tell us how much they want to pay and we source coaches at this price. We can advise on global coach prices if clients are unaware.

Typically we invoice clients three months in advance.

How can I become a coach for you?

We don’t have our “own” coaches; we focus on identifying and managing coaches for our clients.

We invite coaches to submit their details which will be considered for clients who are sourcing coaches.

What do you expect of coaches working through you?

We have a statement of ethics that we share with coaches – the basic principles are:

  • Our clients hire us to manage coaching for them – we need to ensure all coaching in our client organisations comes through us.
  • Our clients hire you as a coach – you do not need to imply that you work for us and we don’t force you to use any proprietary process or methodology.
  • We will always put the needs of the client and the coachee first.

Where do you have coaches?

Our network of coaches covers the globe, wherever there are coaches we can supply them.

We currently have coaches working across Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia, India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South America and USA – plus the UK

How do you pay coaches?

We agree a rate with our client and pay the coach 60% of this.

We generally invoice three months in advance and pay coaches as soon as we have been paid.

What training or experience do you require coaches to have?

Our clients have different tastes in this – as a general rule though we require that coaches:

  • Hold recognised qualifications in Executive Coaching.
  • Have at least 5 years relevant coaching experience.
  • Have a formal supervisory relationship with an accredited coach who oversees the coach’s own professional development where appropriate.
  • Demonstrate a keen interest in our clients and the challenges they face.
  • Demonstrate alignment with our clients coaching principles.

How do you select coaches?

This is very much dependent on client preference. All our coaches are fully validated through our due diligence process – stages include:

  • Questionnaire
  • Supporting documentation
  • Coach interviews
  • References
  • Assessment centre as required

How many coaches do you have?

We don’t feel like we “own” any coaches at all – in our network we currently have around 1,500 coaches.

What documentation do coaches have to maintain during an assignment?

This is dependent on client preference. We don’t impose anything on the coach unless the client requests it. Typically we ask coaches to keep us informed of session dates and we send a mid point review form to capture general details on progress.

What is your coaching process?

Again this is tailored to the client – typically as below:

  • Matching process managed between Acuity Coaching and the client
  • Free Chemistry session
  • Contracting Process – usually three way, but dependent on preferences of client
  • Coaching sessions – location dependent on preference of coachee
  • Review Process
  • Feedback Process

What is your approach to matching coaches to coachees?

We believe that much of the benefit of coaching is dependent on a good match. We look to match coaches to coachees against three criteria that are agreed with the sponsor and the coachee:

  • Credibility – what would make a coach credible with this coachee.
  • Capability – what skills does the coach need to be able to demonstrate to achieve the objectives of this assignment.
  • Chemistry – what kind of relationship needs to be delivered to achieve the objectives.

How does Acuity Coaching make money?

Our services are funded by retaining a margin of the coaching fee agreed with the client. 

There are no additional fees on top of this.

What other services do you offer?

Coaches in our network have many skills besides coaching, including: