More info about Acuity


Acuity Coaching was founded in the UK in 2007 by Simon Coops. Simon was a pioneer of HR Process Outsourcing and one of the founders of Penna Consulting, a LSE quoted HR Consultancy with a market cap of £100m.

Simon had identified that there was a gap in the market for coaching services. He had noticed that the market was incredibly fragmented and consisted mainly of small vendors and owner proprietors. It was clear that coaching was a major lever for multi-nationals to pull for Organisational Development – but it was very difficult for them to access all the coaches they required in the locations that they needed them and manage the logistics around their deployment without additional help.

In 2006 Simon left Penna to build a new company that would address this gap. He initially conducted a six month research phase during which the top 80 users of coaching in EMEA were interviewed to identify current best practice and confirm what the ideal coach supplier would look like. Following publication of the report Acuity Coaching was designed to deliver against the organisational needs of these large users and immediately won contracts with many of the organisations that took part in the research.

Over the last twelve years Acuity Coaching has grown into the largest buyer of coaching in Europe, managing global coaching faculties for some of the world’s foremost companies. We have built an unrivalled capability to advise, design and build coaching solutions at the leading edge of the discipline.

Key principles of our service

Global – We deliver everything we do globally and have high quality local coaches working in every major business centre on every continent. Our coverage includes all regions in the UK.

Independence – We independently manage Executive Coaches on your behalf and are free to match your coachees to the most appropriate coach. We will always put the needs of the coachee and client first.

Flexibility – We want you to have coaching delivered the way you want it and will flex every aspect of our service to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Best Practice Based – We ensure we are ahead of the curve with developments in coaching; we are constantly innovating, evaluating and improving what we do. We are leading lights in the field of coach selection, process management and evaluation focused on delivering results.

Total Quality – Whatever we do for our clients we are always evaluating at every stage and seeking feedback on our service and the coaches’ performance.

What we do for our clients

We have four service lines that when combined establish a managed coaching solution:

Coach Provision – We have one of the largest networks of coaches in the world and specialise in providing access to quality assured coaches and facilitators to our clients’ specifications.

Coaching Process Management – We remove the burden from HR of managing the process, producing MI and extracting thematic data. We provide on-line access to live MI through our coaching portal.

Coaching Solutions – We put together innovative coaching solutions to achieve organisational objectives, enabling a coach approach to be utilised in innovative and cost effective ways.

Coaching Evaluation – We use progressive approaches to enable organisations to view their return on investment and gain valuable insight into the population receiving coaching.

Acuity Global Development

As from June 2014 Acuity Coaching has formalized the expansion of its business and has positioned itself in some of its key markets, as Acuity Global Development or AGD.

This move recognizes the journey that Acuity has taken in enabling large organizations to improve performance by accelerating both Organisational and People Effectiveness in a systematic way. In presenting AGD this enables us to present all our existing capabilities in a coherent package.