Additional Services


Our ability to take a business need and then to design and deliver a solution is a key strength. Solutions we have delivered include:

  • Maximising Your Potential
  • 360 Feedback Programme
  • Performance Management Coach Gym
  • Coaching Support around Leadership Programme Group Finance

We have solutions capability in other areas, all provided globally including:

Coaching Skills Training 

  • Internal Coaches
  • Leader as Coach
  • Coach Gym (practice sessions)
  • Train the Trainer for Coaching Skills
  • Provision of Supervision for Internal Coaches 
  • Train the Trainer for Supervision Skills

Facilitation and Group Coaching 

  • Team Effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics
  • Strategy Off-sites
  • Innovation Workshops 

Change Management

  • Global Facilitation Network
  • Coaching for Engagement
  • Coaching Clinics to Support Change

Pre-Prepared Interventions

One of Acuity Coaching’s key strengths is the sourcing and management of Executive Coaches globally. Many of these coaches offer interventions that they have developed and deliver regularly. These interventions are also available through Acuity Coaching. Examples from coaches who are already working with us include:


  • A Leaders guide to enhancing performance
  • Leading with a Global Mind-set
  • Developing the Authentic Leader – a suggested approach
  • Building Flexibility and Resilience


  • Forget ‘Public Speaking, Private Fears’ – become a more confident speaker
  • Influential Conversations - A leader’s guide to influencing others
  • Ensuring difficult conversations go well
  • Networking for Professional Women

Coaching skills

  • Coaching provocation for strategic change
  • Coaching Strategies for Senior Managers and Mentors
  • Coaching Skills – Foundation Course - for Inspirational Managers and Leaders
  • Coaching Skills - Advanced Level - for Inspirational Managers and Leaders

Performance Management

  • Feedback Conversations - A Leaders guide to enhancing performance
  • Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance – Insights for Experienced Leaders
  • Managing Individual’s Performance

Team Development

  • Team Development for Excellence
  • Motivation, the key to workplace staff engagement and performance
  • Team Performance Coaching for senior teams

Full programme descriptions are available on request.