The Global Talent Index Report: The Outlook to 2015

Judging by persistently high unemployment levels in many countries, and growing pools of potential recruits in the developing world, policymakers and business leaders may be forgiven for viewing "talent wars" as a relic of a pre-downturn idyll. Such views may be misplaced: big demographic trends such as population aging remain unchanged, and improving economic performance in the major economies over the next few years are likely to result in demand for talent again outstripping supply. Moreover, even in developed countries, there remain today serious shortages of recruits with the critical "soft" skills companies require most.

Talent remains an important component of countries' and businesses' long-term competitiveness. How they develop, attract and retain talent should therefore remain high on the agenda of policymakers and business leaders for the foreseeable future. The Global Talent Index Report: The Outlook to 2015 seeks to inform their thinking by assessing talent trends around the world on two dimensions: at the international level through a benchmarking index of talent environments in 60 countries – The Global Talent Index, 2011-2015; and at the enterprise level, determining how executives view the outlook for their own firms' ability to attract and retain the people they will need.

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Source: Economist Intelligence Unit