Technology in Coaching Survey

Acuity is conducting a research project to examine how organisations like yours are looking to technology to support the deployment and management of coaching and mentoring, both internal and external.

We wish to assess the priorities organisations have for the use of technology as well as identifying what functionality and benefits they seek and their motivations. We will also examine what might be the obstacles to overcome in taking a more technology based approach.

Organisations who are further down the road towards a solution will be invited to participate in an interview to further share their thinking and experience. 

The findings will be shared with all participants in the form of a report before the end of November 2019.

Confidentiality Notice: This is NOT an anonymous survey. Your identification details are captured during this survey response. The details may be used in the future to contact you or for statistical purposes. Your responses will be kept confidential from general public and are available only to the manager(s) of this survey.
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