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Acuity Coaching offers a flexible suite of services, tailored to the needs of organisations for the delivery of executive coaching, assessment and facilitation.

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Tailor-made solutions
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We have built an unrivalled capability to advise, design and build coaching solutions at the leading edge of the discipline. Everything from a one-off shortlist of coaches to a complete end-to-end integrated global solution.

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Acuity Managed Services

Acuity Coaching combines Executive Search and Selection techniques with global coaching knowledge to offer a solution for multinational organisations requiring consistency and quality in coaching on a global basis.

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Building a Panel of Coaches

When organisations look to build or extend their panel of external coaches, the fragmented market can seem very confusing, particularly when targeting emerging markets such as the Middle East and Asia. 

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Selecting Coaches

Increasingly organisations are looking to validate the capabilities of the coaches, assessors and facilitators they work with, and develop a greater understanding of when they should be utilised and who they would match with.

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Sourcing Coaches

One of the real strengths of coaching is the huge variation of styles and approaches available. This does cause problems, though, as most buyers are not fully aware of the full range available or how to access and select the right coach.

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Acuity Global Development

Launched by Acuity Coaching, a global managed coaching provider, Acuity Global Development focuses on delivering against the broader needs for Organizational and People Effectiveness in large organizations.

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About Acuity Coaching

Working with Acuity Coaching

Over the last seven years Acuity Coaching has grown into the largest buyer of coaching in Europe, managing global coaching faculties for some of the world’s foremost companies. We have built an unrivalled capability to advise, design and build coaching solutions at the leading edge of the discipline.




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We are fortunate to have a helicopter view of the coaching business and have enjoyed sharing our observations with clients and partners on a personal basis for many years now. As coaching continues to expand and impact the way companies are run we thought that it was time that we shared our vantage point more widely. We have produced a newsletter that includes these observations plus content from our fantastic coaches to inform and enlighten its readers. Each quarter we will dedicate the newsletter to a topical subject in the field of coaching (the first issue, for example, is focused on managing stress in the workplace).

The newsletter is designed for users of coaching in large corporates and is available as a free subscription to all who wish to read it.

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Contact: Simon Coops

Telephone: +44-(0)207-1000-121

Email: simon.coops@acuitycoaching.com


Contact: Simon Coops

Telephone: +44-(0)207-1000-121

Email: simon.coops@acuitycoaching.com


Contact: Reeta Nathwani

Telephone: +852 8121-4224

Email: reeta.nathwani@acuityGD.com